Simple Journaling Prompts for Self Love

This article provides numerous journaling prompts for self-love. You may start using them today to love yourself more asap! Journaling Prompts for Self-Love Journaling is…


This article provides numerous journaling prompts for self-love. You may start using them today to love yourself more asap!

Journaling Prompts for Self-Love

Journaling is a wonderful and simple way to develop more self-love.

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You have always been innately worthy and lovable. These prompts help you see this which helps you develop more self-love and have better relationships with others.

journaling prompts for self love
How Self-Love Affects Relationships

Believing You Deserve Self-Love

Journaling allows you to cultivate greater self-awareness. This helps you to see yourself more clearly. After all, you can’t fully love a stranger so the the first step to true self-love is self-awareness.

When you see yourself more clearly, you see your wholeness. To start this process, it’s recommended you first find a picture of yourself as a child. This is because often, it’s early attachment trauma which negatively impacts our ability to fully love ourselves.

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If looking at old photos is too painful, or you don’t have access to them, please draw a picture of yourself as a child with your non-dominant hand. Using crayons or markers helps too. Please remember this drawing may not look like the skill level you have as an adult, and it’s not supposed to – it represents your younger self. Drawing with your non-dominant hand allows this picture to look as if a child drew it. Try to receive this photo with a mindful non-judgmental attitude.

Journaling Prompts to See Yourself More Clearly

We will use this photo to guide the journaling prompts for self-love.

When you find this photo of yourself, please complete the following journal prompts.

When you look at yourself as a child, I want you to notice the qualities that stand out to you about yourself. Are you playful? Curious? Talkative? Athletic? Spontaneous? Laidback? Funny? Silly? Just notice these qualities and write them down.

What feelings, or emotions, do you notice when you look at yourself as a child?

What do you notice was this child’s dreams?
What made this child happy or excited?

If you have a child in your life now, how would you feel if someone spoke to them the way you sometimes speak to yourself? If you don’t have a child in your life, how would you feel if any child was spoken to the way you sometimes speak to yourself?

What did this child most need?

You are Innately Worthy

Thank you for your willingness to explore yourself as a child with these journaling prompts. It’s completely understandable if this feels odd or silly. At the same time, creating a healthier relationship with yourself is best supported by starting at the root of things.

From The Inner Child Workbook: What to Do with Your Past when it Just Won’t Go Away

Looking at yourself as a child helps you explore where and how you may have made up you’re less worthy of love than others. While also reclaiming how amazing you always have been authentically!

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Processing the Journal Prompts

Here are some follow-up journaling prompts:

journaling prompts for self love

Daily Journal for Self-Love

To continue cultivating more awareness of how amazing you truly are, you can download the free daily self-worth journal.

This worksheet has multiple prompts to simplify your process of cultivating greater self-love.

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