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Having a journal practice to cultivate self worth is a very wise thing to do. Your relationship with yourself requires time, attention, and care. When…


Having a journal practice to cultivate self worth is a very wise thing to do.

Your relationship with yourself requires time, attention, and care. When you take time out of your day, consistently, to journal about self worth you naturally deepen your sense of it.

Self Worth Journal Download

To cultivate a more loving, accepting, and kind relationship with yourself, there are different prompts you will find in your journal sheet. This article will explain why each aspect of this journal sheet helps you build greater self-worth.

To get your self worth daily journal worksheet, you may fill out the form below. But please read on to best utilize this free therapeutic tool.

Building Self-Awareness

Part of truly knowing your worth is about knowing who you are. Without self-awareness and time to connect with yourself, it’s natural to lack self-esteem or a sense of worth. After all, it’s hard to deeply appreciate a stranger.

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This is why the first large section of your self worth journal asks you to take a moment to answer the following questions:

  • How am I feeling today?
  • What is most on my mind?
  • Based on my thoughts & feelings, what do I need today?
  • Do I need to set any boundaries today with myself or others?

Understanding Your Needs

It’s helpful to consider every day what your needs are based on your thoughts and emotions. Part of honoring your inherent self worth is validating that you have the right to need things. You have the right to need things from yourself. You also have the right to need things from other people.

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Prior to fully knowing your total worth, you may feel like a “burden” to others if you need or want things. This is an understandable emotion yet it’s not factual. All human beings need things from other human beings. This is interdependency which is the healthiest state of human relationships.

Clarifying Your Boundaries

Sometimes your feelings, thoughts, and needs will highlight boundaries you need to set. This is especially true when a situation is frustrating you or annoying you.

Taking time each day to ask yourself if you need to set a boundary is a helpful practice. When you set limits, you are protecting yourself from disrespect. And this act alone builds self-worth. You can do this with other people i.e., asking them to respect your time. You can also do this with yourself such as keeping a personal commitment to practice self-care.

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Setting Your Daily Intention

Taking a moment to set your intention for the day (or the next day if you journal at night) is helpful. Setting an intention allows you to keep returning your attention back to something which feels more positive if you get stuck in negative or self-critical thoughts.

For your intention, you may consider a word you want to focus on for the day such as “peace,” “joy,” or “love.” Or you can consider a short-term goal you can work towards or accomplish today such as taking your dog on a walk or taking your lunch break.

Thought Stopping Affirmation

When you are cultivating self worth, it’s natural at times to still feel like you don’t fully like yourself. This makes it more likely to have thoughts which are critical towards yourself or your life i.e., feeling like you’re “behind” in life or “too” [insert any criticism you may have of yourself].

Sometimes, when these thoughts occur a person may even begin to judge themselves for these thoughts leading to a downward spiral. Or force themselves to think positively which doesn’t usually work for long.

Instead, it’s helpful to practice thought stopping instead. This is like putting the brakes on your unhelpful thoughts. And some days you may need to do it more than others.

Examples of thought stopping affirmations include:

  • It’s human to make mistakes.
  • I am worthy even if I make mistakes (or fail).
  • Progress not perfection.
  • There is no true failure in life. It’s information and I can keep going.

Noting Your Accomplishments

To cultivate more self worth, it’s also helpful to honor what you are doing well. At first, this type of thinking may be new or uncomfortable for you. It’s completely understandable if your automatic reaction is to think you accomplished “nothing.” Yet this isn’t based in reality.

Just getting out of bed is an accomplishment. Or brushing your teeth. Or completing your self-worth journal. You get the idea. It may seem “small” to the judging part of your brain and still be an accomplishment!

Honoring what you’re doing well is a key part to feeling like you’re “enough” no matter what.

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Taking Care of Yourself

Feeling more self worth includes the practice of taking care of yourself. When you practice self-care you are showing yourself that you are worth more than neglect or being put on the bottom of your to-do list!

The act of even taking 5 minutes a day to take care of your physical and/or mental wellbeing goes a long way to showing yourself that you are worthy! Simple acts of self care include drinking a glass of water when you wake up, washing your face before bed, or closing your eyes for a few minutes during the afternoon slump.

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What is Good in Your Life

Sometimes prior to knowing our worth, it’s easy to not only criticize ourselves but our lives. You may find that you spend a lot of your time thinking about what’s not working in your life. This is completely understandable, yet it detracts from feeling good enough.

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We can also take this focus on the negative to “confirm” our lack of self-worth. Perhaps we think that being in a job we don’t like or a relationship that isn’t working are signs that we are not “worthy.”

Part of interrupting this cycle is to consider daily what you truly feel grateful for (not what you “should” feel grateful for i.e., your family, your job). This can be super small including your iced coffee in the morning or having a podcast you like for when you’re stuck in traffic!

You are Worth It

Your commitment to yourself by wanting to journal about self worth is truly admirable. This practice alone will connect with more self worth imaginable in time.

Thank you for your commitment to yourself!

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